MotoGP boss not fussed by Valentino Rossi’s World Superbike hopes

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Valentino Rossi’s desire to race Troy Bayliss in a dream World Superbike clash has not angered MotoGP boss Carmelo Ezpeleta.

The Italian’s pre-Christmas comments that he wanted to take on triple WSB Bayliss in a special shootout gave World Superbikes a massive publicity boost.

Rossi had stated his intent to clash with Bayliss after he branded the final MotoGP race of 2008 dull and boring.

But Ezpeleta said he has no problem with Rossi’s WSB intentions, or his constant close season reference to the rival world championship.

“The only thing Valentino said is that he wanted to make one race in World Superbikes. For me this is not a problem and I have said it many times that I do not have a problem with World Superbikes.

“If Valentino wants to race there then that is his decision and I have no problem with that. Valentino is racing in MotoGP, he is a contracted rider and he is the world champion and he will continue to do that.

“If he wants to make a race like he did with world rally then that’s his choice. World Superbikes is not our enemy. Obviously we are the number one championship in motorcycling and they are the second.

“I understand that Valentino perhaps wants to try everything like he did with rally and with Ferrari. Now he wants to try World Superbike and I understand perfectly,“ said Ezpeleta.

Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt