Casey Stoner doubts electronics reduction in 2012

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The constant quest to make MotoGP safer will never see a significant reduction in the influence of electronic rider aids, according to former world champion Casey Stoner.

Valentino Rossi and several other top riders have expressed a desire to see the influence of electronic trickery like traction control and anti-wheelie reduced to improve the spectacle in MotoGP.

Several races in the 800cc era have been instantly forgettable with strung out fields and limited overtaking.

But Stoner has conceded that safety is paramount and factory engineers will strive to maintain the level of electronics when MotoGP switches to a 1000cc four-stroke format in 2012.

The Aussie said: “The one thing that will stop any changes is that it is a lot safer with electronics. It stops those big high-sides and if you get the engine braking wrong coming into a corner it really helps with that.

“Or if you miss gears or the engine goes, it helps a lot. If anything happened with the Ducati engine it went into safety mode, so it’s not just about what electronics can do to save you, it also comes in if something goes wrong with the engine.

“If oil pressure is going down, it will shut down as a safety measure. As a safety issue, electronics are huge and they have stopped a lot of accidents.

“I’d still like to slide a bit more but I don’t think results from anyone would change, it doesn’t help you to go faster.”

Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt