Video: Inmotec MotoGP bike on track

This is the new Inmotec MotoGP machine seen in track testing recently in Spain.

The Spanish V4 800cc contender was ridden by test rider Ivan Silva and has now completed 12 successful days of testing as Inmotec still hopes to be part of the MotoGP world championship in 2010 with selected wild card appearances.

Test rider Silva said: “The engine is very powerful and very easy to ride. This is very positive for the first tests when we have not shown the full potential. The chassis is very stable and you can change direction very fast.”

The bike is scheduled to make its race debut in Catalunya, with further wild card appearances planned in Misano, Brno and Valencia.

The team, which has been working on the project since 2007, could also compete in the first ever race at the new Balatonring in Hungary.

Only a few details of the bike were released. It is an 80-degree V4 with pneumatic valves and variable inlet stacks.

The engine was designed jointly by Inmotec and Akira Technologies in Bayonne, France, though no horsepower figures have been released.

The chassis and swingarm were designed and built in-house by Inmotec with an engine management system designed by Bosch Motorsport.


Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt