Alvaro Bautista adjusts to MotoGP electronics

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Suzuki rookie Alvaro Bautista reckons he’s making big progress in understanding the high level of influence that electronics have in MotoGP.

The former world 125GP champion and 250GP title contender is slowly adapting to how much he can trust rider aids on Suzuki’s new factory GSV-R.

The Spaniard has impressed in winter testing with his progress on Suzuki’s new V4 and he told MCN: “ In 250 if you open the throttle too much and you crash. But in MotoGP if you open more it is no problem because the electronics control it.

“It is nice because always you try to open the throttle more and the bike controls you. It is easier to arrive at the limit.

“But it is also a difficult concept to understand. In your mind when you feel the tyre sliding, you don’t think you can open the throttle more.

“But you can open more, so you need to understand how far you can push to the limit. I think it is easier for you to control the sliding on the exit but also I think if you have a little help it is better.

“I prefer to control the bike myself but you have to remember the electronics are there to help you.”

Bautista will make his MotoGP debut in Qatar on April 11.

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Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt