Dani Pedrosa devastated by Shoya Tomizawa’s death

Published: 06 September 2010

Misano MotoGP winner Dani Pedrosa said his fourth success of 2010 meant nothing following the tragic death of Shoya Tomizawa in the earlier Moto2 race.

Pedrosa has cruised to a dominant victory in the 28-lap MotoGP clash when his Repsol Honda crew informed of Tomizawa’s passing in Parc Ferme The 24-year-old, who closed Jorge Lorenzo’s world title lead to 63-points, said: “There are no words to say how it feels after this victory - it feels like nothing.

"I arrived at parc fermé very happy with the win and I immediately felt that the atmosphere among my mechanics was really strange, everybody was serious.

"Still with my helmet on they told me about Tomizawa and I couldn’t react. It was a big shock, a big contrast for me. I asked three times if it was true because I couldn’t believe it. It’s so sad, terrible, and these things should never happen.

"As a person I can only say that he was a very funny boy, always happy and making jokes, and as a rider he earned respect from everybody in a very short time, he was fast and brave. To lose two riders in a week is terrible.

"I believe everybody in the World Championship is feeling the same now and I want to send my condolences to the family. When you are born, life gives you the chance to choose what you want to do.

"Tomi chose to be a rider and in fact he was doing great. I just want to think that he’s been happy making his dream come true.”