Marco - A true legend

My husband and I met Marco earlier this year when He visited the Dainese store in Manchester during summer break. He was wonderful and so sweet to everyone.

I fell in love with Marco from the minute I saw him racing in 2009 in the 250cc championship. I thought his style and charisma was second to none.

I named him my fluffy puppy, and when I met him in Manchester, I had pre-written a note telling him how much we idolised him but how we also idolised Rossi, and had never had the chance to meet him.

And cheekily I asked him if he could get his autograph for us. I gave him our home address and left it at that. Knowing what a busy man he was I never expected anything from him, but to my surprise, 4-5 weeks later, I received a package in the post from Spain, and when I opened it, there it was, a hand crafted montage with Rossi's autograph and a hand written letter from Marco.

He told us that we really stood out to him, that our family reminded us of him and his family. And that he would have given anything to be able to get his idols autograph so easily. I thought this was a very sweet gesture and the letter made me cry because he was so sweet.

I have that and all my other signed things by Marco framed and hanging proudly in my home. I still can't come to terms with what has happened and keep breaking down in tears, and I will miss him.

He was such a wonder, so graceful on a bike and so amazingly wonderful off a bike. A real credit to his family. Ride on in Peace my fluffy puppy. I love you and will never forget you!

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By Kirsty