My Fiancé and Marco Simoncelli

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I’d been watching Marco for a few years in 250s, then into MotoGP and liked his combative style. We met him for the first time in Catalunya 2010, when my fiancé fell in love with him! Picture 1.

We met him again during Day of Champions at Silverstone this year. My stalking fiancé and I tracked him down in the paddock after asking his dad if he knew what time Marco would arrive. “He’ll be late” his dad told us.

Marco turned up not long after however and we got picture 2. *Note the t-shirt I had made. It is the press conference from Estoril featuring Marco and Lorenzo, with the quote "I will be arrested". He loved it and signed it!

We bid in the Day of Champions auction too so that we could meet him back stage and have pictures taken with him that would then be converted into a painting. The painting arrived less than 2 weeks before Malaysia and is now one of our most treasured items. Picture 3.

The 3 times we met him he was great, always had time for us and the many fans waiting to meet him. His broken English sweet, especially when Vicky tried to explain to Marco that he was in her MCN fantasy team, he just smiled and nodded, we knew he had no idea what the crazy English woman had just said to him!

A true champion who will be missed both on and off the track, though left us with many happy memories to make us smile! #58

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Mark Hawley

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By Mark Hawley