Cal Crutchlow lauds special Jorge Lorenzo

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Cal Crutchlow has praised factory Yamaha rider Jorge Lorenzo’s silky smooth riding style having been able to observe the Spaniard at close quarters in MotoGP for the last 18 months.

The 2010 world champion is hailed for his smooth and consistent technique and Crutchlow admits that no other rider can replicate how Lorenzo rides the factory YZR-M1 machine.

Since joining the Monster Yamaha Tech 3 squad for the 2011 world championship campaign, the 26-year-old has had full access to the Spaniard’s data to see first hand how Lorenzo has won 17 MotoGP races and 38 in his career.

And looking ahead to the start of the new 1000cc era in Qatar next week, Crutchlow told MCN: “He is such a special rider that nobody can replicate what he does on the Yamaha. What makes him special is that he does it lap after lap after lap.

“Every single lap he does over a weekend from the time he leaves the pitlane, the other riders might be able to only do that once.”

Crutchlow said Lorenzo’s riding style was so natural and effortless that the former double 250GP world champion can’t explain how he does it.

He added: “I remember at the Twin Ring Motegi last year and how he was braking and you ask him about it and he has no idea he is doing it because it is a natural thing for him.

“What he does comes so natural and so easy that I don’t think there is anybody else out there that is as consistent or as good as him. There might guys a little bit faster but for consistency he is unrivalled.”

Crutchlow also said having access to Lorenzo’s data was a valuable source of information but impossible to copy because each individual has their own approach.

He added: “Looking at data is not that easy. You don’t just look at it and go ‘well I can go and do that now.’ You have to find your own style.

“For instance he normally brakes earlier than the other Yamaha riders but his entry speed and mid-corner speed is faster. He brakes earlier but where he releases the brakes is maybe ten metres before everybody else.”

For more from Crutchlow, see the April 4 issue of Motor Cycle News in an exclusive interview that forms part of our special 16-page preview to the 2012 season.

Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt