MotoGP introduces new pole position shoot-out for 2013

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Pole position in MotoGP next season will be decided by a new 15-minute shoot-out involving 12 riders in a revamp of qualifying for 2013.

The current three 45-minute practice sessions will remain on the schedule but what would previously have been the opening 30-minutes of qualifying will now be classed as FP4 and not play a role in deciding grid positions.

Grid positions will now be decided on times set in two 15-minute sessions that will be known as QP1 and QP2.

Combined times from the first three practice sessions will be taken to decide who participates in the two qualifying sessions.

The 10 fastest riders will be automatically through to QP2 while the rest of the field will take part in QP1.

The two quickest riders from QP1 will then progress to QP2, meaning 12 riders will then battle it out for pole position.

The split qualifying format is designed in part to give more TV exposure to the CRT entries, who will now effectively have their own 15-minute session to decide their grid positions in QP1.

The new system also reduces the risk of riders having fast laps compromised by slower riders.

2013 MotoGP practice and qualifying schedule
Day One
FP1 – 45 minutes timed for qualifying practice participation
FP2 – 45 minutes timed for qualifying practice participation

Day Two – Morning
FP3 – 45 minutes timed for qualifying practice participation
Day Two – Afternoon
FP4 – 30 minutes not timed for qualifying practice participation followed by 10-minute break
QP1 – 15 minutes followed by 10-minute break
QP2 – 15 minutes featuring fastest 12 riders

Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt