Lowes keeping expectations in check

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Sam Lowes dug deep on Sunday to claim a third place finish in the Argentine Grand Prix. The Lincolnshire rider backed up his Texas win with another strong showing even though he admitted that Argentina was much more challenging for the SpeedUp team. The high track temperatures in the race sapped the grip from his bike and he was forced to ride with one hand tied behind his back due to a severe lack of rear grip.

“It was difficult be as precise in the slow corners, in the fast corners I was just losing time from spinning,” said Lowes after the race. “I could hold the line and it was just spinning. In the slow corners I was struggling to sweep the corner. But I’ve had another podium and that’s mint and I don’t want to get carried away, it’s a tough class. I’ve had another podium and I’m third in the championship so I’m happy.”

The biggest challenge for Lowes as the season progresses will be developing the bike. As the only SpeedUp rider who has consistently ran at the front  of the field he is racing against a horde of Kalex riders. With Kalex having so many fast riders the data available to them for development dwarfs the potential of what SpeedUp can gather. Finding a solution to their high track temperature issue will be a challenge but it’s one that the Italian manufacturer will have to make progress on.

Lowes is clearly a title candidate, his turn of speed this year has been incredible, but he’s keen to keep expectations in check.

“I don’t want to moan about the podium, I need to keep my feet on the ground, and I need to make sure people don’t get carried away. Third is a mega result and people think because I won last week it’s not but it’s great to finish on the box. At the end of the race I had zero grip front and rear, and I still got third. Last year, if I’d had that problem, I’d have got sixteenth or I would have binned it! I’m really happy with this weekend.”

Steve English

By Steve English