Video: Valentino Rossi - The Doctor series trailer

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Everybody knows Valentino Rossi as an icon of motorcycle racing but what is it like to wear his shoes? To deal with expectation, spotlight, judgement and the constant pressure of being an athlete whose name and number means more to millions of fans than just a fast guy on a bike?

‘Valentino Rossi: The Doctor’ will consist of five webisodes peeling back the layers on one of the biggest names in sport as told by the nine-times world champion himself and those in his inner circle. See Valentino bossing his vast VR|46 business empire with the same character and enthusiasm as his factory M1 Yamaha, listen to friends dissect the reasoning behind his vast appeal and re-live some of his era-defining antics in MotoGP. 

‘Valentino Rossi: The Doctor’ will debuting on the Monster Energy YouTube channel May 5th, 2016!

Simon Patterson

By Simon Patterson

MotoGP and road racing reporter, photographer, videographer