MotoGP: Smith happy with KTM testing pace

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KTM’s 2017 rider Bradley Smith says that he’s delighted with the progress that the Austrian manufacturer seems to be making with their new project, especially after the pace that they displayed when they joined the rest of the MotoGP grid for a test at the Red Bull Ring last month.

“I was more excited to see what KTM was able to do at the test than I was to see it doing some laps at Spielberg! They’re definitely ahead of where I thought they would be – but also, being the ever-realist that I am, I know there are only really eight corners here and the rest of the lap is straight Let’s wait until Austin with 22 corners and see how it fares there!

“Obviously, I’m pleased to see it competitive though. My expectations are that if I got on it in Valencia and was anywhere near the back of the grid in terms of lap times, I’d be happy. If you’re two seconds from last place, that’s a worry, but anywhere near the back is something to be pleased about.

“So to see them both there already at the test, with both Mika and Tom doing a great job, is promising. I heard some of the numbers form the speed guns too, and they seem to have done their homework there! That does not shock me – I believe KTM can do it and that’s why I signed up for it. We’ll just have to wait now and see what happens when I sit on the bike!”

Simon Patterson

By Simon Patterson

MotoGP and road racing reporter, photographer, videographer