MotoGP: Scott Redding launches Monkey Fresh clothing brand

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British MotoGP racer Scott Redding has launched his own clothing brand, branching out from motorbike racing into commercial opportunities to unveil the Monkey Fresh range.

Coming together with a group of close friends to bring the project to life, Redding says that it’s come to him as a welcome distraction from racing – and a bit of an education as he steps outside his comfort zone!

“I’ve always been into design; all my helmet designs have come from me, at least the basis for it – I’m not a tech whizz to do the computer side of things but I can throw out good ideas. I’ve always been into that, been into fashion, with the wild hairstyles in the past and that, and it’s came from that.

“I’ve bene speaking about things I could venture into, spoke to a couple of friends back home, and a clothing line came out of it, our own label. I didn’t want it to be about me – I didn’t want it to be my face, so we came up with a few different ideas for the name. One of my mates came up with Monkey Fresh, and when we thought about it more, it worked well for the marketing side of things – it starts a conversation.

“I want it to look classy and fashionable, but fun and urban as well, and we’re just trying to see now what way we can venture off with it. It’s been quite good fun though, trying to see how the rest of the world works! I’ve always been in bikes, so it’s been interesting to get out of that world.”

The range is onsale online now, with special offers coming in time for Christmas.

Simon Patterson

By Simon Patterson

MotoGP and road racing reporter, photographer, videographer