Alpinestars release Baz crash data

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Alpinestars have released the data recorded by Avintia Ducati racer Loris Baz’s Tech-Air suit during his ultra-high-speed fall at Sepang on Tuesday.

Baz was thrown form his bike when his rear tyre exploded, and with full data-logging as part of the airbag deployment software on his suit, the Italian safety apparel manufacturer were able to give detailed information.

Baz was thrown form his motorbike at a speed of 290kph (181mph), with his airbag deploying 1.9 seconds after the initial tyre explosion and subsequent loss of control.

Thrown from the bike, his airbag system was deployed 60 milliseconds before he impacted the ground with a force of 29.9g – about three times the maximum force felt by a fighter pilot, and well above the 25g threshold needed to cause death.

After impact, Baz continued sliding down the start finish straight for a further 6.6 seconds, finally coming to a halt 8.5 seconds after the initial loss of control. His only injuries were some mild crazing to one elbow.

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Simon Patterson

By Simon Patterson

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