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Without doubt Andrea Iannone and the Desmosedici GP had the pace to run with the front guys and go for the race win at Mugello.

Unfortunately he missed the boat at the start and lost a lot time stuck behind too many riders. But to do the fastest time of the race on the final lap showed the potential. 

Dovi backed it up with a great job from 13th to a podium position and pushing hard with the pace of the leaders but then getting some arm pump. I've been there and it is not a nice feeling.  So for Ducati it was positive but also a little disappointing.

The race came down to Marc to go for the win over Jorge on the final lap, which ended up being very, very interesting.

When you have been leading all the way like Jorge and someone attacks on the final lap it is not easy to counter-attack. But Jorge's move on Marc into the final chicane was not anticipated by Marc – and I love seeing the fight come out in Jorge!

It takes balls to pull that pass off there and it made for the great show at the finish. Jorge got into the chicane so fast that Marc got back ahead on the run to final corner.

But with Jorge diving down the inside Marc had to close the door, he cut off Jorge's nose and stayed tight on the inside of the final turn but that means you don't get the best slingshot onto the straight.

That's what Jorge did, he got everything right, went wider and got a fantastic slipstream and when Marc got a little wheelie in the dip on the straight Jorge carried the momentum.

By Marc covering the inside of the final corner he slightly compromised his exit and Jorge's move to get the slingshot set-up the win."

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Casey Stoner

By Casey Stoner

Retired two-time MotoGP world champion and Ducati test rider