MotoGP: Michelin bringing asymmetric options to Aragon

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French tyre manufacturers Michelin will bring a range of compounds and compositions to this weekend’s Aragon round of the MotoGP championship, with the firm continuing their policy of bringing a range of tyres.

One of the more unique circuits on the calendar thanks to its fast straights, blind corners, elevation changes and rolling turns, the front allocation will be split between asymmetric and regular, with soft and medium tyres of a normal construction and harder options with an even harder left shoulder.

On the rear all two options, medium and hard, will come with asymmetric option, as well as soft and medium compound wets for both front and rear.

But, going to yet another new track for the firm despite extensive testing there last year, Michelin’s Piero Taramasso admits that the weekend could bring challenges for the firm thanks to it’s unpredictable nature.

“This will be the first time that Michelin has raced at Aragón, so this is a totally new challenge for us. We did test there last year with the MotoGP riders, so we do have a base knowledge of what to expect, but the tyres have changed so much since then it will be like starting all over again. From what we have been told and seen before, Aragón can be a very unpredictable place with cold or hot conditions.

“It has some very fast sweeping corners and a long straight, plus some hard braking zones, so we need to have a selection of tyres that can cope in all situations. The temperature in Spain at this time of the year can be quite pleasant, but due to Aragón’s position we can expect cooler mornings so we will need to have tyres that can heat up quickly in those conditions, but also work well as the temperature increases throughout the day.

“We know this is quite a technically demanding circuit, but we’re up for the challenge and looking forward to continuing from where we left off at Misano following a very successful race. For sure we hope it will be another exciting race!”

Simon Patterson

By Simon Patterson

MotoGP and road racing reporter, photographer, videographer