MotoGP: Baz makes save of the century?

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Loris Baz may well have made the save of the century during Saturday’s qualifying session for the American Grand Prix, after essentially crashing the Avintia Ducati not once but twice exiting the last corner.

The Frenchman lost the front end committing to a fast lap, falling from the bike and managed to remount seemingly by miracle, before almost highsiding himself on corner exit to boot!

However, he was quick to laugh off the incident after the session, admitting that while it might have made for good coverage as the clip went viral on social media, he would rather have made it through to Q2 by completing the lap safely!


“The contest for save of the year will be between me and Marc Marquez! It was a really good save, but unfortunately I would have been in Q2 if I had been a little bit safer in the last corner. The lap was really well, I was riding well, and I wanted to push until the end, and it’s a shame that it ended that way.

“I knew when I braked that I was late, and I did everything I could to get into the corner and take the apex. I felt the front go and pushed as much as I could with my elbow, but it wasn’t enough, so I started to push with my shoulder and it worked. But you don’t really have the time to think in a moment like that.”


Simon Patterson

By Simon Patterson

MotoGP and road racing reporter, photographer, videographer