MotoGP: Yamaha boss Jarvis delighted with garage atmosphere

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Yamaha boss Lin Jarvis has admitted that with the first race of 2017 in the bag, he’s delighted with the changes in his team’s garage after a series of years of tension between Valentino Rossi and former teammate Jorge Lorenzo.

Insistent that while his previous two riders may not have liked each other their respective teams always maintained a cordial attitude, he nonetheless says that the change in riders has helped clear the air after nearly a decade of bad blood between Rossi and Lorenzo.

“We’re fortunate in that while it’s been bad in the past, in the last two years despite the friction between the riders the guys in the team have always been united. That’s a culture that we’ve been able to nurture over the years as we’ve had a lot of friction to deal with, but we let them have their issues and try not to inherit them.

“We can operate as a team and work together, and that’s what you’re seeing now. Of course, the atmosphere is even lighter now because we don’t have the baggage and the polemics of the past – we have a rookie who’s never had any issues with anyone and he’s a super guy, so so far so good!”

Widely expect that the relationship between the pair would take a tense turn for the worse as Viñales started to flex his muscles on the M1 machine, so far that prediction hasn’t come true, with the relationship between the pair remaining relaxed and friendly both in the garage and on the track.

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