MotoGP: Cecchinello pays tribute to LCR team bonding

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LCR Honda team boss and former Grand Prix winner Luci Cecchinello has paid tribute to Crutchlow’s long term commitment to the team as a key factor in his continuing success with the squad. Now in their fourth season together, the Italian told MCN after the race that he’s sure that it’s a large part of the reason why the Brit has now been able to take three race victories for them.

“Some people have asked me why he looks more calm and more concentrated this year, and I’m sure it’s the result of three things. First for sure his talent, and then because he’s accumulated more experience with the bike. But also it’s the fourth year that we’re working together, and that’s very important too.

“Every single small detail in a racing team is very important for the overall performance. For example, by the fourth year with the same team and the same crew and with the correct people working with him, your communication improves with the engineers. Sometimes, it’s enough that you can see him looking at the engineers in a certain way and already you know what he wants.

“He knows the bike, he knows how we work, and we’ve been building up a bigger puzzle so that you can see the complete picture. What we’re doing now isn’t strange, just the results of a talent rider and a skilled team working to beat the biggest manufacturers in the world!”

And while there’s still 17 rounds of MotoGP’s longest ever season to go, Cecchinello agreed with his rider’s assessment that this win is only the start of the good times.

“The bike has improved quite a lot, especially on the engine side of things. We need to improve like everyone else, but we have a very good competitive machine and now we need to continue to be focus, to keep our feet on the ground, but to know in our hearts, our minds and our souls that we have everything we need to excel and to win races. I don’t see any major competitors apart from Marc, and I think we can fight alongside him to occupy one place on the podium quite permanently.”

Simon Patterson

By Simon Patterson

MotoGP and road racing reporter, photographer, videographer