MotoGP: Factory teams pushing for schedule changes

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 There could be a dramatically different looking schedule coming for MotoGP in 2019 if Yamaha and others get their way, with MCN’s sources believing they’re among the teams pushing to make changes to the way a race weekend looks.

Suffering when forced to race on Moto2 rubber not there during testing, two proposals could either see Moto2 and Moto3 switch their practice slots so Moto2 comes first, or could see their race on Sunday move to the final slot on the schedule.

And while the rule changing will likely need the approval of the Grand Prix Commission before it changes for 2019, Yamaha boss Lin Jarvis told MCN after Sunday’s Aragon Grand Prix that he was praying for it to happen.

“This is just my personal opinion, but I think that it’s just weird that we run all weekend with one format and then on Sunday we reverse it – and I think that we should at least follow the same format all weekend be it this way round or that way round. It depends on TV times and many other factors, but why put another variable on race day?

“It depends which format they finally select what happens, but not as an engineer it seems like it adds a variable that we don’t need to have. The theory is that because MotoGP is more complicated to set up we needed more time, but maybe we need to revisit whether that’s still valid today.”

Simon Patterson

By Simon Patterson

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