MotoGP: Panto dramatics between Rossi and Marquez

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Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez have resumed their pantomime dramatics ahead of this weekend’s San Marino Grand prix at Rossi’s home circuit of Misano. Trading barbs in the Thursday press conference, the debate was triggered by comments earlier this week from Marquez saying he wanted to ‘make peace’ with the nine-time world champion.

Speaking in an interview to Italian TV, Marquez told them he wanted to put their history behind them after another high-profile clash in Argentina at the start of this season once again triggered a war of words between the duo.

“I would like to make peace with him, I have no problem with Valentino. In Argentina, everything was quieter. I made a mistake and with it came bad luck with Rossi, I also tried to apologise.”

Speaking yesterday in the press conference, Rossi said that he too has no problem with Marquez, telling media: “It sounds to me a bit strange what he said because in reality there is no problem between Marc and I and I don’t know why we have to make peace.”

But Marquez won the psychological battle of the day, offering a hand to Rossi on the spot only to have the Italian refuse to shake it.

Simon Patterson

By Simon Patterson

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