MotoGP Portimao: Marc Marquez expects an unenjoyable race

Marc Marquez qualified sixth for his MotoGP return
Marc Marquez qualified sixth for his MotoGP return

Marc Marquez is expecting to suffer in tomorrow’s Portuguese Grand Prix at Portimao despite qualifying sixth on the grid for his first race back from injury.

The Repsol Honda rider continued to make progress on his RC213V today, visibly edging closer to the limit as he improved his lap-times. Marquez made a couple of – what have become traditional – saves around the tough Portuguese circuit and looked like the Marquez of old.

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However, more time on bike also puts his right arm under more pressure. Marquez has now spent two days on his MotoGP bike after 10 months away – following three operations and an infection – and he could be seen giving his right arm plenty of attention before heading out for his final run.   

“I felt worse today than yesterday, but this is something that the doctors and physio expected,” Marquez said after qualifying. “This is the natural thing, and they say that tomorrow should be worse, but we will see. 

“The most important thing is that the bone is good, and I don’t have any pain there. But with my muscles, the fingers, arm pump and the elbow, this is where I’m struggling more now.  The question mark is tomorrow during the race. 25 laps will be very long. I would like to enjoy it, but I know that I will not enjoy it. I will suffer.” 

Marquez used Stefan Bradl’s base setting throughout the opening three practice sessions but began making changes ahead of FP4 to suit his riding style. This led to the six-time MotoGP champion enjoying a better feeling overall with his bike, and also more confidence in his RCV213V.

Despite this improvement, and clear outright speed, Marquez did admit to having some problems through the right-hand corners. On the brakes Marquez is unable to get into the right body position on the bike and admitted to being unable to load the front and push. 

“It’s the lack of muscle,” Marquez explained. “In the gym I’m working with different weights on the left and right arms, I cannot have the same weight on the right arm. On the bike also, this is something that is there. 

“Nearly all the corners here and in Jerez are right corners, but I need to do laps and I know tomorrow I will suffer but then I have a week to recover again and in Jerez a little bit more and it’s like this.” 

Should Marquez complete tomorrow’s race it’ll be the first time he’s done so in 518 days – the last one being the 2019 Valencia GP.

MotoGP Portimao: Marc Marquez left pleasantly surprised by top six position on day one

First published: 16 April 2021 by Josh Close

Marc Marquez Portimao Friday

Marc Marquez’s spot inside the top six came as a great surprise to the Repsol Honda rider despite a really impressive return to MotoGP in Portimao. 

For the first time almost 10 months Marquez exited pit-lane on his RCV213V bike, and it didn’t take him long to get up to speed. With everybody around four seconds off the pace in FP1 due to the damp conditions it was difficult to read too much into Marquez’s third place. 

However, lap-times improved in the afternoon and Marquez ended the opening day in sixth spot overall with a 1:40.339 – 0.473s off the pace. Whilst nobody knew what to expect from today, things are certainly heading in the right direction for the six-time premier class champion. 

“We are in a much better situation than what we expected before the weekend,” Marquez admitted to MCN. “I don’t know how because I do not understand what’s going on. I’m just riding the bike. 

“In the afternoon I started to feel the bike more and followed my own direction and the lap-times were coming. It’s not the most important thing right now but they’re coming in a good way.”

Marquez’s final flying lap was a dramatic one to watch and, true to form, the Spaniard provided fans with his first save of 2021. Whilst on the absolute limit heading through turn seven, Marquez almost lost the rear of the bike but managed to turn the situation into a slide and powered on through the lap to take a provisional Q2 spot.

“When I came in the box and I saw P6, it was a great surprise because on the last lap I did many mistakes and I expected to be outside of Q2 because the feeling was not good, and I felt slow. The speed is there, everything will depend on my physical condition.”

As it’s only been one day Marquez and his team are being sensible when it comes to their expectations for the weekend ahead. Tomorrow, all being well with the weather, will see lap-times increase further in FP3 and qualifying, whilst 25 laps around Portimao on Sunday will put everybody on the grid through an intense physical workout. 

“Now it’s about how the arm will react over the weekend and how I will get up tomorrow. It’s a normal thing, the stress on the muscles will be more and therefore I will have less power and then I will have to change my riding style a little.

“Today was the first day, everything was fresh, but tomorrow, and I know because I already feel it, I will be more tired, and the muscles will struggle a little bit more.”

With regards to his RCV213V, which currently has Stefan Bradl’s base setting, Marquez explained that finding the braking points was a particularly hard part of his return. He also struggled on new tyres, which he explained stiffened everything up on the bike, particular in corners six and seven, which is where he had his big moment. 

All eyes will once again be on Marquez tomorrow morning for the FP3 session, to see how he copes with another day of work on his right arm.

MotoGP: Marc Marquez admits that he’s nervous ahead of Portimao return

First published: 15 April 2021 by Josh Close

Marc Marquez Portimao Thursday

Marc Marquez has admitted that he has butterflies in his stomach ahead of his long-awaited return to action at Portimao this weekend. 

Marquez passed his medical examination at the circuit this afternoon and, for the first time in 256 days, will ride his Repsol Honda RC213V in tomorrow’s free practice sessions. The Spaniard has been out of action since breaking his arm at Jerez last July and been through and long rehabilitation process over the last ninth months.

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The eight-time world champion has not raced a MotoGP bike at Portimao before, whilst the rest of the field raced here in November for the 2020 season finale. However, Marquez did ride the Honda RC213V-S road bike at the circuit last month. 

“I’ve been preparing but it’s too difficult to prepare for this,” Marquez admits. “Of course, I would like to feel normal, but I don’t. I feel these butterflies in my stomach which isn’t normal. There are two sides to my rehabilitation, the physical side and mental side. On the physical side I feel ready, but on the mental side, step by step I need to feel again like a MotoGP rider.”

All eyes will be on FP1 tomorrow with fans and journalists around the world eager to know what Marquez can achieve this weekend. Some believe that he needs to take things steady and not take any risks, whilst others are predicting that he’ll be battling for the podium and victory already. So, what about the man himself? 

“Honestly, I cannot answer! Of course, the main target is to feel well on the bike. This is the main target because it’s the reason I’m here. It’s true that another question mark for me and the team is how will my body and arm react during the weekend? How will I feel on the bike? I don’t know. Of course, I would like to feel more ready and the best situation for tomorrow would be to have a private test, but we don’t have this option.

“I’ll answer like I did with Takeo San [Yokoyama] today – the project leader of HRC – I don’t have any targets this weekend, I just want to ride. We have time to put pressure on myself to find the results and to fight for races, I hope, but for now it’s just about riding. It’s time to come back, but I don’t know how long it will take. 

Marquez is a long way behind his rivals in terms of preparation. As mentioned previously, he missed the Portimao race last year, but he’s also missed the entire pre-season programme and the opening two races in Qatar. 

Marquez admits that there are many question marks regarding his body over the course of the weekend, but ultimately all will be revealed across the next 72 hours. The main thing is that the HRC rider has certainly learnt his lesson after attempting to comeback just four days after surgery on his broken humerus.

“What I learnt from this injury is easy; we have many races in front of us in our lives but we only have one body. Sometimes you need to take a rest!”

MotoGP: Marc Marquez to make his return at Portimao

First published: 10 April 2021 by Josh Close

Marc Marquez miss Qatar

Marc Marquez has confirmed that he’ll make his return to MotoGP next weekend in Portimao for the Portuguese Grand Prix.

The Spaniard has been given the all-clear by his doctors and will jump on his Repsol Honda RC213V for the first time since July last year. Marquez broke his right arm in the 2020 season opener at Jerez before making a failed attempt to return at the same circuit the following week – four days after surgery.

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Since the original incident several complications have pre-longed Marquez’s comeback, with his hasty return at Jerez not helping things. A bent titanium plate led to a second operation, whilst he then underwent surgery again in December.

His final operation included a bone graft, with bone from his hip being grafted onto his humerus. It was revealed that Marquez had also suffered an infection in the area and therefore underwent antibiotic treatment.

This morning’s Repsol Honda statement reads:

“In the review carried out on Marc Marquez by the Hospital Ruber Internacional medical team, four months after surgery, led by Doctors Samuel Antuña and Ignacio Roger de Oña, and made up of Doctors De Miguel, Ibarzabal and García Villanueva, for an infected pseudoarthrosis of the right humerus, a very satisfactory clinical condition was found, with evident progress in the bone consolidation process. In the current situation, Marquez can return to competition, assuming the reasonable risk implicit in his sporting activity.”



Marquez’s rehabilitation and training regime has been taken to the next level in recent weeks. Last month he was able to go minibike riding, mountain biking and cycling, whilst Marquez also rode a RC213V-S road bike around Portimao and Barcelona.

Many had expected him to return for the opening two rounds in Qatar after making such good progress, however doctors advised against it. Like last season, Stefan Bradl stepped in for the six-time MotoGP champion in Qatar.

All eyes will now be on Friday’s free practice session to see how Marquez performs and how quickly he can get back to a competitive pace. Of course, Portimao only joined the calendar at the end of last year, hosting the season finale in November. As a result, Marquez has never ridden a MotoGP bike around Portimao.

HRC will be relieved that their star rider can return after a tough start to the 2021 season. Bradl’s best result from the two Qatar rounds was 11th, whilst new Repsol Honda teammate Pol Espargaro finished eighth in the opening race. LCR Honda’s Alex Marquez crashed out of both races, whilst Takaaki Nakagami hasn’t scored any points as of yet.

The stage is set; next Friday (April 16) Marc Marquez will leave pit-lane in an official MotoGP session for the first time in 262 days.

MotoGP: Marc Marquez ruled out of the opening two races in Qatar

First published: 22 March 2021 by Josh Close

Marc Marquez will miss the two opening races of the 2021 MotoGP season at the Losail International Circuit in Qatar.

In a statement released by Repsol Honda this afternoon (March 21) it was confirmed that Marquez and his medical team from the Hospital Ruber Internacional have decided that it wouldn’t be 100% safe for the six-time champion to return.

Doctors De Miguel, Ibarzabal and García Villanueva revealed that there had been a “good clinical response” following Marquez’s return to a more intense training programme in the last two weeks.

“However, considering the time period and the current state of the bone consolidation process, doctors consider it prudent and necessary not to accelerate Marquez’s return to the track after such an inactive time, and to avoid putting the humerus at risk in intense competition,” today’s statement continued. 

The chances of a return to action at the opening round of 2021 appeared to be increasing following a return to two wheels. In the last week or so Marquez has been out on his mountain bike, ridden a minibike and been cycling with brother Alex Marquez.



More intriguingly, Marquez also returned to track action in Barcelona and at Portimao on the Honda RC213V-S Superbike. However, despite taking a big step on the road to recovery, Marquez and his team have opted to think long-term, rather than the here and now. 

“After the last review with the medical team, the doctors have advised me that the most prudent thing was not to take part in the Qatar Grand Prix and to continue with the recovery plan that we have followed in recent weeks,” Marquez added.

“I would have loved to be able to participate in the opening race of the World Championship, but we will have to continue working to be able to recover the optimal conditions that allow us to return to competition.”

No date has been suggested for a return to MotoGP, but Marquez will undergo another medical check on Monday April 12. With that in mind, it may be that Marquez and his team aim for Portimao on April 18.

WATCH: Marc Marquez enjoys more track time at Portimao

First published: 19 March 2021 by Josh Close

Marc Marquez Portimao

Marc Marquez’s potential MotoGP return edged a little closer today with the Repsol Honda rider completing some laps at Portimao.

Once again, Marquez has been riding the Honda RC213V-S Superbike as he looks to get comfortable once again on a motorbike. Earlier this week he stepped onto a big bike for the first time since his crash last July, also on the RC213V-S, in Barcelona.

The story so far

Interestingly, Portimao hosts round three of the 2021 season on April 12 and only made its Grand Prix debut last year and the season finale – perhaps putting Marquez at a disadvantage having not rode then before on a MotoGP bike. 

Prior to this, Marquez had been out on his mountain bike and tested the stability of his right arm on a minibike. The six-time MotoGP champion has also been cycling with brother Alex Marquez this week. 

Marquez and his team are working hard to see where his fitness levels are and whether or not it’s safe to return for the season opener in Qatar next weekend. Whilst Marquez got the go ahead from doctors to intensify training and return to two wheels, jumping onto a MotoGP bike too quickly could have a negative impact. 



A premature return just four days after breaking his arm last July ended up causing further damage to his broken arm and eventually led to two further operations and an infection. 

Whilst no official update has been provided by the team regarding how Marquez is feeling following his first RC213V-S outing in Barcelona, the other teams and riders will be on high alert after seeing the rapid progress he’s making this week. 

Could he make another sensational comeback? We’ll just have to wait and see, but one thing’s for sure, HRC and Marquez will not want to make the same mistakes as last year. They’ll only let Marquez ride it it’s 100% safe to do so. If he doesn’t return at the first race, it’s likely that Stefan Bradl will take his place on the grid.

MotoGP: Marc Marquez returns to the track on a Honda RC213V-S

First published: 17 March 2021 by Josh Close

Marc Marquez has been riding a Honda RC213V-S Superbike in Barcelona this week as his training and rehabilitation programme increases.

Each day it appears that the chances of Marquez taking part in the opening race of the 2021 MotoGP season at Losail increases. Since being given the go-ahead by his doctors to intensify his training and make a return to two wheels, Marquez has been mountain biking, mini-bike riding and has now ridden a Superbike in anger

Honda’s RC213V-S is the production version of his MotoGP bike and the nearest he can get to trying out a full Grand Prix machine thanks to the testing rules currently in place. It’s the first time that Marquez has been on a full-size bike since breaking his arm last July.

Since that crash, the Repsol Honda rider has undergone three operations, had two separate titanium plates fitted, undergone a bone graft and received antibiotic treatment for an infection in his arm.



Marquez also flew out to Qatar over the weekend to receive his Covid-19 vaccination – the MotoGP paddock was offered this opportunity by the Qatar Government last week during the three-day official test.

The opening race in Qatar takes place next Sunday (March 28), with the second round also taking place at the Losail International Circuit the following weekend. It’s going to be touch and go, but given his rapid improvement in the last week, there’s a good chance that we’ll see Marquez next weekend.

Whether he chooses to race or not remains to be seen. It may be that he attempts to ride during FP1 and FP2 on Friday and then makes a decision. Marquez has already admitted that trying to come back after four days was a big mistake and given what followed, he’s likely not going to make the same mistake again if he doesn’t feel ready to race a MotoGP bike.

Whilst the paddock will now be on high alert following his return to two-wheeled action, Marquez still hasn’t ridden a MotoGP bike in eight months and everybody else has enjoyed five days of testing at the Losail circuit.

A return sooner than expected doesn’t necessarily mean and instant return to the top step of the podium, or does it? This is Marc Marquez, so it’ll be fascinating to see what happens in the coming weeks. The motorcycle racing world will be keeping a close eye on the situation.

MotoGP: Marc Marquez given green light to intensify training programme

First published: 12 March 2021 by Josh Close

Marc Marquez Green Light

A new medical update on the condition of Marc Marquez has revealed that he’s now able to intensify his recovery programme and has been cleared to ride bikes again.

Marquez hasn’t raced a MotoGP bike since the opening round of the 2020 season at Jerez last July, the race in-which he suffered a broken right humerus. Since then, multiple complications have led to a total of three operations, a bone graft, two titanium plates and an infection of the affected area.

The six-time MotoGP champion spoke to the media for the first time since the accident during the Repsol Honda team launch last month, outlining his desire for a return to action in the opening race at Qatar. Today’s latest medical updates said:

“In the medical review performed on Marc Marquez, 14 weeks after surgery for an infected pseudoarthrosis of the right humerus, the medical team led by Doctors Samuel Antuña and Ignacio Roger de Oña have clinically and radiographically verified satisfactory progression of bone consolidation. From this moment on, Marquez can now intensify his strength and mobility recovery programme with a view to gradually returning to competitive racing.”

Today’s positive new follows a video released by Repsol Honda last week in-which Marquez explained his current training programme and his plan moving forward. The Spaniard is completing multiple hours of physiotherapy and exercise every single day.

Now that a return to two wheels has been given the go ahead by his doctors, Marquez will attempt to ride a smaller bike before making any attempt to ride his RC213V.

No timeframe has been given for Marquez’s competitive return. The opening race weekend is now only two weeks away and he’s missed five days worth of testing action on the Losail International Circuit. With round two also in Qatar, there’s no guarantee that Marquez will take part in those opening two rounds.

MotoGP: Marc Marquez targets Qatar return

First published February 22 by Josh Close

Marc Marquez is hoping to make his racing return at the opening round of the 2021 MotoGP season in Qatar.

Speaking as part Repsol Honda’s 2021 presentation, and also directly to the media for the first time since breaking his arm last July, Marquez confirmed that he would not participate in next month’s Qatar test.

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He does however have a medical examination in the middle of March which will determine whether his initial goal of returning at round one will be achievable. If doctors aren’t happy with the progress of Marquez’s bone consolidation, the Spaniard will not be able to make his return at the opening round.

Instead, he’ll move his target back a week to the second race at Losail and then on to each round of the championship until he’s been given the all-clear. Once cleared, Marquez plans on stepping up his rehabilitation in order to build up muscle once again.

“Step by step I feel much better, and the recovery is going in a good way and this is the most important thing,” Marquez said during the HRC presentation. “Every time that I went to the doctor, normally we had good news – that’s really important because last year was quite long and tough. But now, you know, we just try to follow my body with the physio, with the doctor and try to increase the work at home.

“I can’t say because I don’t know, and the doctors don’t know, when I will be ready. But the most important thing is that every week, not every day, but every week, I feel a bit better and I’m optimistic to be on the bike as soon as possible. I don’t know exactly when the day will be.”

The six-time MotoGP champion also acknowledged his mistake in attempting to ride at the Andalucia Grand Prix – four days after breaking his arm. It’s believed that this decision caused more damaged to his humerus. Marquez underwent two further operations, had a second titanium plate fitted and suffered from an infection.

“I don’t take many positive things from 2020 but I did learn a few things,” Marquez said. “We take a lot of risks all the time and sometimes we try to come back as soon as possible but it’s not the most important thing to come back as soon as possible – this is what I learnt in 2020.

“We made a mistake to come back in Jerez and we must accept that mistake. Of course, it was a consequence of many many things, but in the end the last decision was mine. I felt that I was able to do it, but I’ll learn from that situation in the future.”

Marquez appears to be edging closer to a racing return but he’s not taking things for granted. When asked what his goals are for 2021, Marquez replied: “This 2021 season is completely different, my main goal is trying to enjoy being on the bike again. This will be the main target for me: to be on the bike again, enjoy the bike and then step by step start to be as fast as I was.

“But this will be, it’s something that you need to understand, and you can’t pretend to arrive one year without being on the bike and be the same Marc in the first race. It’s something that we must understand, and the main target is what I said, to enjoy being on the bike.”

The 2021 MotoGP season, as it stands, will get underway at Qatar on March 28. The Losail International Circuit will also hold round two the following weekend and will be known as Grand Prix of Qatar.

MotoGP: Marc Marquez undergoes six-week hospital check-up

First published: January 15 2021 by Josh Close

Marc Marquez Medical Check-up

Marc Marquez has undergone his six-week medical check-up at the Ruber International Hospital in Madrid.

Repsol Honda released a short statement yesterday evening to update fans on the six-time MotoGP champion’s recovery following a third operation on his broken right humerus.

“Today Marc Márquez has gone to the Hospital Ruber Internacional for a medical check-up,” the statement reads. “The eight-time world champion has visited six weeks after the surgery performed on December 3 for an infected pseudarthrosis of the right humerus. A satisfactory clinical and radiographic evolution has been confirmed for the time of evaluation. Marquez will continue.”

This statement shows that Marquez is still a long way from making his racing return. The Spaniard is still on antibiotics to treat and infection found during his third operation. It’s believed that this infection is a key reason for the humerus bone not healing as expected after Marquez’s second round of surgery.

In the third operation last December the plate Marquez’s arm was replaced with a new one, whilst the Honda rider also underwent an iliac crest bone graft. This means that bone was taken from Marquez’s pelvis and grafted onto the area around his right humerus.

As things stand Marquez is likely to miss the start of the 2021 season and as a result will lose yet more ground on his rivals. Marquez has not been on a MotoGP bike since July 2020 – at the season opener in Jerez when he originally broke his arm.

Pre-season testing gets underway at the Losail International Circuit (Qatar) on March 5.

MotoGP: Marc Marquez returns home following third operation

First published: December 13 2020 by Josh Close

Marc Marquez Operations

Marc Marquez has been discharged from the Ruber International Hospital in Madrid.

The Repsol Honda rider returns home after spending the last 10 days in hospital following a third operation on his fractured humerus.

Despite the operation, which included a new plate being fitted and a bone craft, being a success, a biopsy taken from the fractured bone showed that there had been a previous infection. As a result, Marquez began specific antibiotic treatment.

Whilst Marquez has been discharged, he’ll still need to continue the antibiotic treatment at home.

“Marc Marquez’s progress after the surgery performed on December 3 and the start of antibiotic therapy has been deemed satisfactory by his medical team,” today’s update reads. “Today he has been discharged from the Hospital Ruber International to continue his recovery at home, where he will continue with the specific antibiotic treatment.”

Marquez now faces a potential six-month recovery period after undergoing three procedures on the arm that he injured at the opening MotoGP round of 2020, held at Jerez in July.

MotoGP: Marc Marquez set for antibiotic treatment due to infection

First published: 5 December 2020 by Josh Close

Marc Marquez will undergo antibiotic treatment in the coming weeks after a biopsy from his latest surgery showed a previous infection in the fractured bone.

The Repsol Honda rider had a third operation on his injured right arm this week, which included a bone graft and the introduction of a new plate to the affected area. Doctors removed bone from Marquez’s pelvis and grafted it onto the area around his right humerus.

The story so far

“The cultures obtained during the pseudarthrosis surgery have confirmed that there was a previous infection in the fracture, which will see Marquez undergo specific antibiotic treatment in the coming weeks,” today’s Repsol Honda statement reads.

The six-time MotoGP champion already faced a potential six-month recovery period but will now have to stay at the Ruber Internacional Hospital in Madrid until his antibiotic treatment is complete.

The update released by Repsol Honda this afternoon did however say that Marquez’s post-operative clinical situation has been deemed satisfactory by his medical team.

MotoGP: Marc Marquez undergoes third operation on injured right arm

First published: 4 December 2020 by Josh Close

Marc Marquez has undergone a third operation on his injured right arm and could now face a recovery period of at least six months.

Repsol Honda confirmed that the Spaniard had chosen to have surgery for the third time yesterday, with the procedure lasting around eight hours.

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The decision to go ahead with the procedure was due to the healing process of his right humerus being slower than expected, with specific shock wave treatment unable to speed things up.

The operation took place at the Ruber Internacional Hospital in Madrid. Marquez’s previous two operations took place at the Dexeus University Hospital in Barcelona, by a team led by Dr Xavier Mir.

In this latest procedure the plate currently in Marquez’s arm was replaced with a new one, whilst the six-time MotoGP champion also had an iliac crest bone graft. This means that bone was taken from Marquez’s pelvis and grafted onto the area around his right humerus.

The expected six-month recovery period means that Marquez will miss the start of the 2021 season, which gets underway in Qatar on March 28. At this early stage it’s unclear how many races he will miss, and how smoothly the healing process will go.

Marquez first broke his right arm in the opening race of the year at Jerez in July. Remarkably, after having a metal plate inserted, he attempted to ride just a few days later at the Andalucia GP. Despite a valiant effort Marquez decided not to race, however the damage seemingly done.

The metal plate was weakened, and Marquez was forced to undergo another operation and as a result his 2020 campaign was over. The true extent of the damage to his arm is still not known, but it appears the bone structure has been significantly weakened from the initial fracture and from the holes being drilled to install the metal support plates.

MotoGP: Marc Marquez ruled out of the final two races of 2020

First published: 11 November 2020 by Josh Close

Marc Marquez injury

Marc Marquez has confirmed that he’ll sit out the final two races, held at Valencia and Portimao, of the 2020 MotoGP season.

The reigning champion has missed the majority of the season following a huge crash in the season opener at Jerez. The Spaniard broke his arm during the incident and despite having surgery, attempted to make a comeback the following weekend.

The story so far

The pressure and stress placed on his arm whilst trying to ride again so quickly weakened his titanium plate, and he needed to have a second operation on his arm after damaging it whilst opening a window at home.

Marquez has not been able to return since and has now elected to focus on being 100% fit for the 2021 season.

“This season I will not compete again,” Marquez announced across his social media channels. “After evaluating how the arm is doing with the Doctors and my team, we have decided that the best option is to return next year. It’s time to continue with the recovery. Thanks for the messages of support. Looking forward to returning in 2021.”

The Repsol Honda team has confirmed that Stefan Bradl will continue to ride in Marquez’s place for the remainder of 2020. The German has scored points in the last two races and showed some impressive form in the wet conditions at Valencia last weekend.

“Working through his recovery programme and tracking the progress of his arm, Marc Marquez in conjunction with Honda, his team and multiple expert doctors, has elected to officially delay his return to action until 2021,” the team’s press release confirmed.

The true extent of the damage to Marquez’s right arm may never be revealed, but after missing an entire season it will be interesting to see the level at which he’s at in 2021.

MotoGP: Marc Marquez ruled out of action for another 2-3 months

First published: 26 August 2019 by Josh Close

Marc Marquez ruled out for another three months

HRC have revealed that Marc Marquez won’t be able to make his return to MotoGP for another two or three months.

Many had expected the reigning champion to make his comeback at Misano on September 13, however the Repsol Honda team have now outlined a much longer timeline for his arrival on the grid.

Today’s HRC statement explains that following consultations with several specialists with regards to his injured humerus, all parties have decided to modify the planned recovery process.

“The objective of both Marquez and the Repsol Honda Team is to return to the World Championship when Marc’s arm has fully recovered from the serious injury that occurred in Jerez,” the statement reads. “It is estimated it will take between two to three months before Marc can return to the RC213V.

“HRC has not set a Grand Prix for the return of the reigning World Champion and will continue to report on the evolution of his recovery.”

Marquez attempted to make to sensational comeback just a few days after breaking his arm at Jerez, however inflammation of his arm caused him to pull out of the Andalucian GP ahead of qualifying.

The pressure and stress placed on his arm whilst trying to ride again so quickly weakened his titanium plate, and he needed to have a second operation on his arm after damaging it whilst opening a window at home a couple of weeks ago. The amount of damage caused by riding so quickly and then undergoing surgery again is unknown at this stage.;

“There has been a lot of talk about Marc’s recovery and the various deadlines, but from the first day after the second operation we have said that the only objective that exists is for him to be one hundred percent,” team boss Alberto Puig added.

“We do not want to rush. Once Marc is in a position to return and compete at the level he knows, then we will think about the next objective.”

Today’s update means that it’s unlikely that we’ll see Marquez back on track until the second race at Aragon (October 25) at the earliest. A three-month delay would mean that Marquez wouldn’t return until the final round of the year at Portimao (November 22).

MotoGP: Marc Marquez set to miss Styrian Grand Prix

First published: 17 August 2020 by Josh Close

Marc Marquez to miss Styrian GP

Honda have announced that Marc Marquez will not make his MotoGP return at this weekend’s Styrian Grand Prix.

The reigning champion broke his arm in the opening race of the season at Jerez and underwent surgery two days later. Remarkably, Marquez returned to Jerez 48 hours later and attempted to compete in the Andalucia Grand Prix. He rode in FP3 and FP4 but swelling to his injured arm resulted in the Honda man pulling out of the weekend after qualifying.

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Marquez has also missed the Czech GP at Brno and the Austrian GP at the Red Bull Ring. To make things worse, the pressure and stress placed on his arm whilst trying to ride again at Jerez weakened his titanium plate, and he needed to have a second operation on his arm after damaging it whilst opening a window at home.

Repsol Honda confirmed last night that Stefan Bradl would replace Marquez once again in Austria this weekend.He’s been on the RC213V for the last two races, finishing 18th and 17th respectively.

This means that Marquez and his team will now be hoping to return at the San Marino GP at Misano on September 11-13. By that stage Marquez will have missed five races, meaning that even he may be unable to retain his title this season.

Fabio Quartararo has a 67-point advantage over Marquez heading into the Styrian GP this weekend and will be expecting to add a significant amount of points to his tally.