Suzi Perry: “It’s really important to speak to the younger audience”

BTSport remains a pivotal player in the ongoing popularity of MotoGP in the UK. It’s comprehensive broadcasting of the 18 round championship boasts live coverage of every practice, qualifying, warm-up and race along with expert insight and analysis.

In an effort to constantly evolve and progress, BTSport introduced a new initiative with a view to further enhancing their coverage of all the sports they broadcast. Called ‘Innovate 21’ it was a competition aimed atentrepreneurs, creatives and start-ups to generate new ways to engage with viewers through sport broadcasting.

BTSport’s MotoGP presenter Suzi Perry was one of the judges of the competition alongside Brian O’Driscoll and Robbie Savage where the winners are given a six figure financial investment to develop their proposed idea alongside BT. 

Speaking to MCN about the incredible evolution of technology in MotoGP broadcasting, she said:

“MotoGP has been incredibly innovative over the years in terms of onboard camera’s – it’s been ahead of F1. Dorna are very forward thinking from the first time Randy Mamola had an onboard camera back in 1985, which was about the size of a microwave, it’s come on so much – 4k, the 360 degree gyroscopic camera, the chase camera – it’s phenomenal. It enables to viewer to feel the adrenaline and really understand what the rider is doing and the level of skill involved. Add in the fact that the cameras are using GPS means that we get all the telemetry live on screen so we can see lean angles, speeds, gears etc. It’s fantastic. 

“I think this technology will continue to evolve which also helps for all the analyses we do. I think it enhances our coverage so much. It means we can almost feel what it’s like to sit onboard with Valentino Rossi.”

The winner of the competition was Arisports with a concept which allows football fans to predict on-pitch events, earning points in the process whilst competing against friends. 

While the winning pitch is currently not linked to MotoGP, Perry believes that it’s this type of ideas and concepts which will ultimately encourage younger viewers to watch the premier class of racing. She said: 

“The winner came up with an idea around football and predicting moves, but we spoke to them about MotoGP and they’re now talking to BT so there is no reason why they won’t develop something that will speak to MotoGP fans. 

“I think any enhancement of the sport for the fan is really important. People are watching on two or three screens, selecting which rider to be onboard with now and I think this technology is really important to be bringing in a younger audience.

“We’ve also got a really strong crop of young riders coming through, Fabio Quartararo in MotoGP, Raul Fernandez in Moto2 and Pedro Acosta in Moto3 and I do think that they are inspirational to kids watching. I feel that the younger audience are being revitalised.”