MotoGP: Francesco Bagnaia issues apology after failing breathalyser test in Ibiza car crash

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Francesco Bagnaia has issued an apology after he was involved in a car crash in Ibiza before failing a breathalyser test.

According to local news outlets, who also shared photographs of the incident, Bagnaia crashed a Citroen into a ditch on the side of the road in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The Guardia Civil and local police arrived on the scene and performed a breathalyser test on Bagnaia. The Italian’s reading came out a 0.78mg/l, which is three times the Spanish legal alcohol level of 0.25mg/l.

Bagnaia was not injured in the crash and no other vehicles and people were involved.

Bagnaia issued a statement late on Tuesday evening to explain what happened and to apologise for his actions. The statement reads:

“Last night I was in Ibiza with my friends for a party during this break from MotoGP. We celebrated and toasted together for my victory at the Dutch GP.

“As I was leaving the disco at 3am I was facing a roundabout when I ended up with the front wheels in a ditch, without involving other vehicles or people.

“However, the alcohol test carried out by the police found that the blood alcohol level was higher than what is allowed by Spanish law.

“I am sorry for what happened; I am practically a non-drinker, and it was a serious carelessness which should not have happened.

“I apologise to everyone, and I can assure you that I have learned my lesson. Never get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. Thank you.”

Ducati have not released any official statement on the matter, and it’s not known what consequences may be heading Bagnaia’s way from a MotoGP perspective.

Away from the sport, Bagnaia could now face a driving ban of anywhere between one to four years.

Bagnaia signed a new two-year deal with Ducati earlier this year, keeping in the factory team until at least the end of the 2024 season.

Bagnaia won at Assen before the start of the summer break and has taken victories at Jerez and Mugello this year. However, four DNFs mean that his title hopes are hanging by a thread. He sits 66 points behind leader Fabio Quartararo.