Michelin explain Redding tyre issue

Published: 22 April 2016

Michelin have explained the causes of Scott Redding’s tyre issue in Argentina, with the unusual combination of factors at the Termas track leading to the delamination that almost caused the Pramac Ducati rider to crash out of FP4.

Speaking to the press at Jerez, Michelin technical director Nicholas Goubert admitted that the combination of ultra-high track temperatures, rider weight, and the aggressive nature of the Termas circuit all combined to cause the failure.

“The tyre stayed inflated, and he was able to park the bike without crashing, which was positive, but nonetheless it shouldn’t have happened. The results form the analysis showed that with the combination of very high track temperature, a demanding track layout and a well-built rider, it was too much for the tyre. The tyre could not sustain the strain put on it.

“So the decision we took to give the riders a stronger construction was the right one; and we will stick with that construction now, from Austin and for the rest of the season. The conclusion is that it was not strong enough for the combination of very demanding tracks, high temperatures and big riders. It’s a combination that can happen again, and we don’t want the same consequences again.”