MotoGP: Crutchlow slams Bradl after qualifying incident

Published: 12 November 2016

Cal Crutchlow has slammed Aprilia rider Stefan Bradl, after accusing the German of cruising on the racing line and interfering with his fast lap during today’s qualifying one at the Valencian Grand Prix.

Crutchlow was held up by both the Aprilias of Bautista and Bradl – but singled out the German for his wrath after the session.

“I proved what idiots those clowns are. It’s a good job the German is leaving, because he’s a f***ing idiot. When someone is doing 200kph and you look behind you sat on the racing line at 60kph it’s stupid. But it’s the same old thing they always do.

“If he wants slammed into turn two with his back broken, then he’ll get it. He’s waiting on line every lap, just trying to rip our souls out – typical of all those guys who can’t do the pace, just sitting around waiting on those of us who can.”

Incident aside, though, Crutchlow was left disappointed with the day, crashing out of qualifying two and leaving himself further back on the grid than he expected to be.

“I’m disappointed because I believe we could probably have been on the second row today, but I crashed on a cold tyre on my out lap in qualifying and that wrecked my chances because we didn’t have any more tyres available after having gone through Q1. This is racing though.

“I warmed the tyre quite a lot through turns four and five, the two right-handers, and then when I got to turn ten I was slower than on my previous out-lap so I don’t really understand why I crashed. We have to check. I spent some time in the pit-lane and maybe the tyre got cold, I made a mistake and now we are 11th on the grid. Overall I think my race-pace is a lot better than 11th and I am looking forward to tomorrow.”

However, Bradl was quick to play down the move, saying that he didn’t believe he had done anything wrong.

"Cal is Cal. Even the Italians aren't as fiery as Cal! But I didn't understand the finger or the behaviour he had on the bike, but it's not a drama."