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Jason McAdoo has admitted that development of the team’s Kawasaki ZX-10R superbike that Conor Cummins broke the Ulster lap record with was held up until the rider had agreed terms for 2010.

“We weren’t really interested in other of the other riders on the market,” said McAdoo.

“We believe in loyalty and once we have a rider we’re happy with, we like to stick with him. Even if all the other (top roads) riders lined up offering to ride for us we wouldn’t have signed any of them.

“We wanted to stick with Conor. He’s only 23 but look at what he’s achieved already – and he’s only going to get better. 

“He just loves riding the superbike and seems to have the ability to squeeze more and more out of the motor.

“We have a lot to work on (to develop the superbike further) but everything was on hold until Conor was in place.

“I think the biggest change going into 2010 will be in Conor’s mentality. He started 2009 happy with results but by the end of the year he wasn’t happy unless he was winning.

“He has belief in his own ability now and his pace when he’s alone of the racetrack is just incredible.

“Obviously John McGuinness is still the man to beat (at the TT) but Conor is only going to improve.

“The biggest change with the machine will be the introduction of electronics.

We’ve always resisted them in the past but we’re reaching the point now that we can extract more power (and Cummins can use it) but we’re being held back by the kit ECU.

We need to manage it through the range with electronics.

“It’s going to be along the lines of traction control – but not in quite the same way as the short circuit bikes.

“It’s a system that Race Techniques confidence in so we’re putting our faith in them to develop to suit our needs.”

Race Techniques build the McAdoo race engines and have been working in partnership with Cosworth to develop a range of engine components.    

Gary Pinchin

By Gary Pinchin