Michael Rutter blog: It’s hectic running your own team

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I can’t believe how hectic things have been today (Thursday). I was up at 6.00am and on the road. I spent all day driving around the Black Country in the Bathams van that I’ve borrowed for the Isle of Man TT.

I dropped the fairings off at the painters then dashed off to pick up stickers, then back to the painters. I also had to pick up loads of little things, just nuts and bolts, stuff you don’t think of when all you do is turn up and ride a works bike. And then the van broke down…. But I’m loving it.

At 4.00pm, I had to be at the New Inn in Wordsley for the official team launch. It was packed with local press and TV people.

We’re going out at 6.30pm tonight on the local BBC news and then GMTV are doing something first thing tomorrow (Friday) and there’s a crew coming to do stuff on us at the TT too. I can’t believe the publicity I’m getting.

I even had Rob Mac (McElnea - Rutter’s former NW200 Yamaha team boss who he parted with recently) on the phone, spewing about the coverage I got in MCN this week.

He was saying his rider finished third and didn’t get a mention and I got nearly two pages to myself. I don’t know what he was moaning about,  I thought the coverage was spot on!

I’ve got to go now. I’m going to drive down to Thruxton and take a look over the Worx Suzuki I’m riding this weekend.

It’ll be good to catch up with Jack (Valentine – Worx Suzuki team manager), Les (Pearson, Guintoli’s crew chief who Rutter worked alongside at HM Plant Honda) and the rest of the lads.  

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