Great weekend at the Gold Cup

The Gold Cup at Scarborough again turned out to be a fantastic weekend, great racing, the weather was good and a relly good atmosphere.

This year I had a paddock pass and couldn’t believe how easy going and freindly eveyone in the paddock was.

John McGuinness posed for a photo, Ian Hutchinson photo and autograph no problem, Lougher and Farquhar both friendly and easy going.

Now Guy Martin who’s always banging on about being just a bl**dy lorry mechanic and a normal type of bloke acts like some superstar.

There was always a group of fans hanging around in front of his transporter me included waiting for an autograph, but after about 20 mins watching him ignore his fans my idea of who I thought he was changed

Surely if he is just an everyday down to earth sort of bloke then he would have signed some kids programmes and spoke to fans, the fans who paid to go see him.

He should take a leaf out of McGuinness or Hutchy’s book.

jomed 7

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