TT blog: Saturday, May29

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What a damp squib today has been. It was raining when the Island gradually awoke this morning and only really brightened up as we left the paddock after the miserable damp and misty newcomers lap had been completed for solos and sidecars.

The solos didn’t leave the Grandstand area until 8.00pm so by the time everyone had got back and we had wrapped up the work, it was getting on for 10.00pm and really, no one was any wiser than they were before the day had begun!

But that’s the TT for you. The forcecast for Monday and Tuesday isn’t great but at least by Wednesday things should begin to brighten up.

Today’s weather, at least, gave a chance for everyone who didn’t have to ride to slip back into some form of regular life for a couple of days.

John McGuinness could not be more chilled.  While the rookies were all waiting to go out, John came out to the startline just to take in the atmosphere and stood there, gazing down the empty road towards Bray Hill, with no other sounds than the birds signing their evening song.

“Amazing isn’t it, we’re going down here at getting on for 190mph?” He shook his head and then added:

“At Bray we’re absolutely flat out on the 600s, just touching the limiter. That’s like as fast as anywhere on the course…..”

And then he was off, to strike up conversation with who ever happened to be there.
Keith Amor was out and about too. Having some right old banter with the startline marshals, especially when they got chalk dust all over his pristine new HM Plant Hondsa jacket!

Amor was as chilled at McGuinness which, I’ve got to say surprised me, becaseu I knew he had been champing at the bit to get out on the superbike and clock some laps.  “I’m not worried,” he said. “I looked out of the window first thing, saw it was raining and had another hour and half kip. I kind of expected then it wouldn’t happen for us tonight.”

Gary Pinchin

By Gary Pinchin