Family update Olie Linsdell’s condition

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This is the latest statement from the Manx GP press office updating Olie Linsdell’s condition following his crash in the Post Classic Senior Manx GP:

Carole Linsdell has asked the Manx Grand Prix Press office to pass on details of Olie’s condition in hospital in Liverpool following his accident at Bishop’s Court in the Post Classic Manx Grand Prix race on Monday 30th August.

“After a fairly tough few days Olie is now awake and off the ventilator, breathing for himself and aware of us. Friday was the first time he opened his eyes, and he said a few words to us for the first time on Saturday.

“He knows who we all are, and is speaking a lot more. Taking into account the speed of the accident it is unbelievable that he has broken no major bones, although there’s hardly a square inch of his body that has not got a bruise or abrasion, and he has damage to his right knee and forearm that will require some work.

“He is very sore and drowsy but has eaten some ice cream and already tells us he wants to get up! It will be a while before he’s up to that but he has amazed us all- as someone said today, he’s definitely back in the room.

“We have been overwhelmed by all the messages from our dear friends, family and his wonderful fans and sponsors- too many to name. Steve, myself David and of course Olie thank you all.

“We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at Nobles and Walton Hospital for the incredible attention that they have given Olie, and to the marshals and medics who treated Olie at the scene.“

Update on other riders injured at the Manx:
Peter Gibson, who was injured during Friday’s Senior MGP race has had an operation on his arm fracture.

John Thompson, who had an accident at the Creg Ny Baa has now been discharged from hospital.

Tim Venables condition, following his accident at Greeba Castle, is described as serious but stable.

Gary Pinchin

By Gary Pinchin