Isle of Man TT: Honda and Suzuki ready for Saturday’s Senior

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Honda TT Legends and Tyco TAS Suzuki are tearing down their TT awnings but are definitely planning to race in tomorrow’s six-lap Senior race.

TT Legends boss Neil Tuxworth said: “We have to get our truck on the boat tomorrow otherwise we’ll be here for eight more days. We’ve transferred all Mugen equipment to our truck and we’ll work from their awning for tomorrow’s Senior.”

Tyco TAS boss Philip Neill added: “We have to get the truck back so we can get ready for the BSB race at Knockhill.  We’ve got a smaller truck with an awning here we can work from for the Senior.”

Another rumour MCN can quash is that Guy Martin has gone home. The rumour kicked off after someone tweeted that he was seen at the airport, on his way home.

We’ve just talked to him and he was surprised how people just assume something and post it on the net without checking the facts. “I was at the airport,” he said, “picking up my dad!”

For the record, Guy and his father also stopped off at an aviation museum on the way to their digs.

Gary Pinchin

By Gary Pinchin