2015 TT start numbers released

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The numbers at which the top twenty riders at this year’s Isle of Man TT go off the line have been released, with twenty one time TT winner John McGuinness once again taking over the number one plate for the solo races.

However, McGuinness will be a target to the chasing pack, with three out of the fours riders behind him all members of the 131mph lap club, including Michael Dunlop at number three and lap record holder Bruce Anstey at five.

With one of the mot comeptitve fields ever, the top twenty riders have now all lapped at over 127mph, including record breaking 2014 newcomer Peter Hickman, who goes off at seventeen.

Outside the top twenty, a further 71 riders have been selected to qualify for the remaining 52 grid positions, with the top seventy all now having lapped at over 120mph.

  1. John McGuinness
  2. James Hillier
  3. Michael Dunlop
  4. Michael Rutter
  5. Bruce Anstey
  6. William Dunlop
  7. Gary Johnson
  8. Guy Martin
  9. Ian Hutchinson
  10.  Conor Cummins
  11. Dean Harrison
  12. Keith Amor
  13. Lee Johnston
  14. Ryan Farquhar
  15. Dan Kneen
  16. David Johnson
  17. Peter Hickman
  18. Dan Stewrt
  19. Cameron Donald
  20. Steve Mercer
Simon Patterson

By Simon Patterson

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