Chris Walker to make TT circuit debut – on Kawasaki H2R!

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The Kawasaki H2R will take to the Isle of Man TT course later this year for the very first time, with Kawasaki legend Chris Walker scheduled to ride a parade lap on the supercharged machine during the 2015 TT.

The lap, which will feature past racers who famously wore RST leathers, this year’s Superbike TT title sponsor. Led by RST founder Johnny Towers, a former TT racer himself, the lap will also include Steve Plater, Ian Simpson and Jamie Whitham among others.

“It’s a big thing for RST, and a big thing for me to be asked to join in their legends parade lap. I’m a huge fan of the TT, and I have a huge amount of respect for the guys who race that discipline; I try to get over to spectate every couple of years or so, and was over last year for the Senior. That makes being asked to take part in the lap even more special.

“As for the bike; it’s going to be just what I need for my first lap of the TT on closed roads – what could possibly go wrong with 329 brake horsepower?! It’ll be very nice to unleash the 130db of noise though, even though it might fade into nothing compared to bikes like the Honda Six that have raced there in the past!

“I haven’t thought about speeds, because I’m planning on taking it really easy , but with all that power I probably won’t be taking my hands off the bars too much!”

Simon Patterson

By Simon Patterson

MotoGP and road racing reporter, photographer, videographer