TT 2016: Hutchinson blasts Dunlop after Senior TT

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Ian Hutchinson blasted Michael Dunlop in today’s Senior TT press conference after the Ballymoney man alluded to a problem with the result of Wednesday’s Supersport race.

Dunlop crossed the line to take victory after dominating today’s Senior race but was quick to point out he was unhappy with ‘something that happened on Wednesday.’

When congratulated by Manx Radio on his 13th career win, the Ballymoney star responded:  ‘I think it should have been 14 but that’s what happens.’

Hutchinson then went on to slam Dunlop when speaking to journalists after the race: “I’ve done my best to congratulate Michael all week, but on Wednesday I was pretty disgusted with his behaviour,” he said. “The scrutineers were suspect about something that wasn’t wrong and Michael’s team protested us and then he’s tried to spread a rumour that we had oversized pistons. I need to have a pretty big think about whether I’ll come back to the TT unless the organisers explain what went on.”

Dunlop denied the spreading of rumours, saying: “It was the scrutineer that pointed it out, not me. That’s the way it is, if he wants to bitch at me that’s no problem. I’m a big enough man to take it on the chin and it makes no difference to me.”

TT bosses have confirmed to MCN that the top three bikes in Wednesday’s Supersport race were all deemed legal following post-race scrutineering. 

Oli Rushby

By Oli Rushby

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