New Mugen unveiled for McGuinness and Anstey at TT 2016

Published: 29 March 2016

Mugen have unveiled the new version of the Shinden electric bike that John McGuinness and Bruce Anstey will race in this year’s TT Zero race.

The bike appears to have had a lot of weight shaved off it and the Japanese company say “Major parts including battery system, motor, and frame on the new machine have all been newly developed”.

McGuinness has own the Zero race over the last two seasons, allping at almost 120mph in the single lap event.

Other major improvements listed are a new monocoque type frame that Mugen says now allows the battery to be placed inside the frame. A new suspension system has had to be developed to accommodate this alteration.

A new cooling system will also allow the bike to make better use of its enhanced power.

McGuinness and Anstey are scheduled to have their first test on the Mugen at Motegi in April.