Whitham grinning after first test on 2002 R6

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Jamie Whitham has been given a first taste of his new 2002-spec Belgarda Yamaha R6 in a test at Cartagena in Spain.

Riding with team-mate Paolo Casoli, the test gave Whitham a chance to put new suspension and tyres to the test.

He said: ” I usually come away from tests neither happy or sad because there is not often anything to say but this time I was grinning a lot because it felt so good. I didn’t fall off and was able to push really hard throughout the three days and the new bike feels really good.

” I can’t wait to get going next season. The only problem with going to somewhere like Cartagena is that it’s not on the calendar so you have no really way of telling how fast you have gone. ”

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff