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Find out how Steve Hislop is feeling after his victory and second place in the opening round of the MCN-backed British Superbike championship. He’ll be joining us live at 1pm, Thursday April 4 to answer your questions in our chat rooms.

You’ll be able to find out how he’s managed to return to form since his crash at Rockingham, whether he thinks the 1000cc four strokes will mount more of a challenge in the series, or how to wheelie the length of the Silverstone straight, as he did unintentionally during the second race.

To join the chat you’ll need to be registered and logged in with Log in before 1pm and follow the link for ” Discussion and Chat ” , and then enter Chat Room One.

To put a question to Steve, go to the VIP lounge, where everything you type will be presented as a question. If you’d rather watch what happens and chat about it with other users, then go to Chat Room Two, which will have a live broadcast of the chat.

If you can’t make it for 1pm, you can still put a question to Steve. Simply email before 12.30. You’ll be able to read Steve’s answers in a full transcript of the chat, which will be posted on

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By MCN Staff