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Ben Bostrom has his fingers crossed for Chris Walker this season and he’s hoping to see him among the front-runners in WSB.

In a live web chat on this site on Thursday morning, Bostrom said: ” I want to see Walker up front because he’s a super guy. ” But he fears he’ll have to ” learn a few new tricks ” to make the Kawasaki competitive.

During the web chat, available exclusively to registered users of, he answered dozens of your questions direct from his apartment at the Phillip Island WSB tests in Australia.

Ben had crashed earlier in the day in strong winds, but obviously felt fine because he had just been out on his skateboard.

” Me and Colin (Edwards) and Karl (Muggeridge) have a bit of a skatepark going, ” he revealed.

” We’re going out after dinner to try to kill each other! ” he joked.

Fun-loving Bostrom admitted there are dozens of incidents from his life that would make suitable material for MTV’s Jackass TV.

” There’s so many things… like leaving myself hanging on a cliff overnight in Australia, or riding off into the desert until noon with no food or water. I can’t say too much or I’ll land myself in trouble. ”

Bostrom said he does ride a road bike at home occasionally… without a licence or insurance. He even got pulled by the law on one occasion, but the officer recognised him and let him go on his way.

You can read all of his revelations by clicking the link on the right ” Bostrom: In his own words ” to read the full transcript.

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