Whitham, Foret and Casoli excluded from Lausitz results

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Three riders, including race winner Fabien Foret, have been excluded from the final results of the World Supersport race in Lausitz, Germany.

Foret was excluded due to an illegal rear axle on his Ten Kate Honda CBR600.

Brit Jamie Whitham and his Belgarda Yamaha teammate Paolo Casoli were both excluded because their bikes would not start for scrutineers. According to the rules every bike must start under its own power within a set time limit after the race. But Casoli’s bike would have been excluded even if had fired up because it was 2.5kg (5.5lb) under the minimum weight.

Before his exclusion, Foret’s points haul was enough for him to move from second to first in the title chase.

It was not good news for the other Brits in the World Supersport series, either. Rob Frost was unlucky to get tangled up with another rider on the first lap and crashed heavily. Iain MacPherson battled against a poor qualifying place of 14th to take 10th at the line on a bike identical to that of race winner Foret – though he wasn’t targeted by the scrutineers.

The eventual win went to Suzuki’s Katsuaki Fujiwara, with Andrew Pitt second and Stephane Chambon third – good enough to move the French Suzuki rider to the top of the title table.


1)K Fujiwara 2) A Pitt 3) S Chambon 4) C Kellner 5) C Vermuelen 6) J Teuchert 7) K Curtain 8) S Cruciani 9) P Bontempi 10) I MacPherson 11) A Corradi 12) R Ulm 13) C Zaiser 14) K Muggeridge 15) D de Gea 16) A Calacci 17) G Nanelli 18)C Cipriani 19) R Penzkofer

Championship positions after seven of 12 rounds: 1) Chambon 112pts, 2) Pitt 103, 3) Foret 93, 4) Fujiwara 84, 5) Kellner 65, 6=) Casoli 60, 6=) Teuchert 60, 8) Vermeulen 58, 9) Whitham 55, 10) Bontempi 46, 11) MacPherson 41… 24) Ellison 5… 26) McGuinness 1.

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By MCN Staff