Heckles: I’d never ridden on slicks before

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Britain’s Mark Heckles made his World Superbike debut at Valencia, and on Thursday March 14, he joined us live in our VIP lounge for a webchat to tell us what it was like.

His inauspicious start to the season was all the more understandable when he told motorcyclenews users, ” I don’t think there are many WSB racers who have gone into the first race with 35 laps, never ridden a twin, never used slicks, and qualified 21. ”

Having revealed the only road bike he has ridden was a Suzuki AY50 Katana, and how well he gets on with the other British riders, he also explained what a ” chicken chaser ” is.

To find out exactly more, click on the link on the right entitled ” Mark Heckles: in his own words ” to read the full transcript.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff