Win a KBC Chrome helmet

Win a KBC Chrome helmet worth £229.

Entry costs 50p per competition, per entry.

This competition runs from May 29-June 5. Other entry mechanisms are published in MCN.

South Korea-based manufacturer KBC claims to be the first company to make a completely chrome-coated helmet after perfecting the process to cover lids with the shiny metal – and you can win one.

MCN has teamed up with the firm to give away two of the £229 lids, which are based on the range –topping VR1 fibreglass shell and meet BSI type A standards. If you don’t fancy rising around with the sun glinting off the striking chrome surface, KBC will send you whatever alternative helmet you choose from its range.

To give yourself a chance of winning, all you have to do is answer this simple question: What do the initials KBC stand for?

Krusty Bike Criminals (b) Kangaroo Bonce Cases (c) Korean Bell Corporation

Text MCN KBCLIDS followed by the letter you believe corresponds to the correct answer (eg MCN KBCLIDS B) to 84004

See Terms and Conditions (link from main SMS text page, hit back button for links) for details

*These services are open to BT Cellnet (excluding BT Cellnet pre-pay customers) and Vodafone customers only.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff