Your bids raise £4537 for Clinica Mobile

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Your bids have helped raise £4537.22p for the Clinica Mobile in an auction on this site which closed at midnight on March 1.

Chili, Edwards, Bayliss, Toseland and Haydon went under the hammer with £2222.22 the highest single bid.

Here’s what was bid for what, and by whom:

1.Frankie Chili’s leathers: £2222.22 from Terry Manikiza. 2.Alstare package including VIP paddock access, hospitality and a heap of Alstare goodies: £1000, Jason Kanabus. 3.Bayliss picture: £300, Nick Andrews. 4. Edwards’ slider: £130, John White. 5.Haydon’s Gloves: £180, Phil Harris, 6. WSB Paddock Passes: £500, Jason Kanabus, 7. Toseland poster: £150, Nick Andrews. 8. Toseland slider: £55, Paul Goodchild.

The highest bidders will now be contacted by auction organiser Bev Bartholomew with details of how they can collect their goods or have them delivered and how they can make their payments.

The auction was Bev’s bright idea and it was she who offered all the items for auction (bar the Alstare package, which was kindly contributed when the team saw how well the auction was doing on the site).

Bev thought it would make a great way of raising funds for the Clinica Mobile, the charitable organisation which provides medical experts and the latest life-saving equipment trackside in GPs and WSB.

By making bids those involved entered into an agreement to purchase the item in question at the price they proposed.

Follow the link, right, to find out more about the Clinica and its good works.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff