Edwards and Bayliss share Silverstone honours

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Troy Bayliss and Colin Edwards left a waterlogged Silverstone World Superbikes today with a win apiece.

In race one Edwards held off the early attentions of Noriyuki Haga and Neil Hodgson to splash to only his second victory of the year. Bayliss was involved in an early dice with his Honda rival before tumbling off in the dreadful conditions. The defending champion remounted and set off again in hot pursuit before again crashing out.

Bayliss remounted a second time and amazingly managed to work himself back through the field to fifth.

Brit Mark Heckles, on the privateer Rumi Honda SP-2, worked himself into a career best sixth place.

Neil Hodgson gave the home crowd something to cheer about with a third behind Haga.

The drama of race two began before the warming up lap had ended. On the still wet track Edwards spilled his SP-2 but managed to remount and make the grid.

Edwards got the holeshot, but it was Bayliss who set the pace and as the sun finally came out, the Aussie took the flag ahead of Edwards and Infostrada Ducati teammate Ruben Xaus in third.

Chris Walker got his best result of the year, blasting past his old BSB nemesis Hodgson for fourth spot.

Race one:

1)C Edwards 2) N Haga 3) N Hodgson 4) F Chili 5)T Bayliss 6)M Heckles 7)B Bostrom 8) R Xaus 9) S Byrne 10) J Toseland 11) E Bostrom 12) M Rutter 13) P Goddard 14) C Walker 15) M Sancini 16) D Ellison

Race two:

1)T Bayliss 2) C Edwards 3)R Xaus 4) C Walker 5) S Byrne 6) N Hodgson 7) J B Borja 8) B Bostrom 9) J Toseland 10) N Haga 11) P Chili 12) B Parkes 13) A Antonello 14) G Lavilla 15) P Goddard 16) E Bostrom 17) J Mrkyvka 18) I Clementi 19) S Martin

The World Supersport race was run in atrocious conditions. Jamie Whitham and teammate Paulo Casoli made it a one-two for the Belgarda Yamaha squad, despite both riders falling off in the torrential rain.

The red flag was waved on the 14th lap and the results taken from the lap before, handing the result to Whitham.

Defending champion Andrew Pitt was just one of the top riders to crash out before the race was halted.

1)J Whitham 2) P Casoli 3)K Muggeridge 4) J Teuchert 5) I MacPherson 6) K Fujiwara 7) F Foret 8) S Chambon 9) D Giugovaz 10) M Lagrive 11) C Kellner 12) S Cruciani 13) G Nanelli 14) C Vermuelen 15) J McGuinness 16) S Chapentier 17) W Daemen 18) A Corradi 19) K Verstraeten 20) C Zauser 21) R Frost 22) A Carlacci 23) D de Gea 24)C Cipriani 25)J Kirkham

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