Jon Germany’s winning story

At Brands Hatch two years ago we had just gone to our tents to sleep after a long drinking session. We were all woken to a loud voice yelling “You dirty bas**rd what are you doing”. We got up to see what was going on and discovered that my (very drunk) son who was sharing a dome tent with two others, had half-woken up and said to the others sharing the tent, “I need a pee.”

“Well go on then, " the others said and at that my son pulled it out and started peeing all over everyone in the tent. They all ducked down in their sleeping bags until he finished then one of them grabbed him and dragged him outside and thew all the wet sleeping bags on top of him. We all got up the next morning to find him still sleeping outside the tent under a pile off pee-wetted sleeping bags.

I’ve never seen anything so outrageously funny.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff