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Frankie Chili has topped the first qualifying session at Brands Hatch World Superbikes while Gianluca Nannelli takes second place on the provisional grid. This puts two two-year-old Ducati 998s ahead of the Factory Fila 999s.

After taking second place in the practice session Renegade Ducati 999 rider Noriyuki Haga was forced down in to third place on the provisional grid followed by Marco Borciani, Lucio Perdercini and the factory 999 of Regis Laconi.

Haga’s team-mate Leon haslam took seventh with Troy Corser on the Foggy Petronas FP1 in eighth.

Nanaelli was extremely excited about taking second place on the provisional grid but times always tumble in the second qualifying session and he was not confident that he could improve his pace much more.

James Toseland has been struggling with his Ducati 999 all day and having great difficulty in keeping the rear wheel in line when breaking for corners.

1) Chili 1:27.990 2) Nannelli. 3) Haga. 4) Borciani. 5) Pedercini. 6) Laconi. 7) Haslam. 8) Croser. 9) Vermuelen. 10) Bussei. 11) Gimbert. 12) Martin. 13) Sanchini. 14) Walker. 15) Toseland. 16) Ellison. 17) Bontempi. 18) McCoy. 19) Clementi. 20) Coxhell. 21) Nowland. 22) De Matteis. 23) Velini. 24) Fuertes

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