Laconi does Monza double

Regis Laconi has won both races at the World Superbike round at Monza today, May 16.

The Frenchman completed a one-two with team-mate James Toseland in race one, but the pair found themselves split by Chris Vermuelen on the Honda in race two. However, the Australian rider was later excluded when the tilt-switch was found not to work. The switch is a safety measure and should cut the engine when a bike is on its side.

Pierfrancseco Chili had an even worse weekend. His main bike blew up on the warm-up lap of the first race, and despite making the start on his spare machine, it too blew up after just five laps. Race two continued his miserable weekend when he retired after a crash. Noriyuki Haga was another rider who suffered, failing to finish both races despite leading the early stages of race two.

Third place in both races was taken by Garry McCoy on the NCR Ducati. Leon Haslam gained a creditable fourth and fifth places, while Chris Walker managed seventh and eighth.

Race One:

1) Laconi. 2) Toseland. 3) McCoy. 4) Vermuelen. 5) Haslam. 6) Fuertes. 7) Borciani. 8) Walker. 9) Corser. 10) Bontempi. 11) Clementi. 12) De Matteis. 13) Saiger. 14) Sala.

Retired: Sanchini. Velini. Haga. Martin. Chili. Praia. Mrkyvka. Nannelli. Pedercini. Blora.

Race Two:

1) Laconi. 2) Toseland. 3) McCoy. 4) Haslam. 5) Corser. 6) Borciani. 7) Walker. 8) Haga. 9) Sanchini. 10) Bontempi. 11) Pedercini. 12) Velini. 13) Saiger.

Retired: Blora. Sala. Haga. Chili. De Matteis. Mrkyvka. Nannelli. Fuertes. Praia. Excluded: Vermuelen.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff