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The Alstare Corona Suzuki team has dominated the top of the World Superbike leader board for the second time with Troy Corser taking both wins at Phillip Island and team-mate Yukio Kagayama taking a double second.
James Toseland reveals what he holds to blame for his disastrous weekend, PLUS why big bang engines have no future in WSB – ONLY in MCN out on Wednesday (April 6).
Corser lead the first race from start to finish despite his team-mate starting from pole, but it was the second race that proved the most exciting
After beautiful weather for the first race, 12 laps into the second race the heavens opened and the track was suddenly very wet. Andrew Pitt highsided out as a result of the sudden change in conditions and organisers decided to red flag the race and restart it as wet.
Pitt managed to get back for the restart only to become one of many riders to slide out again in the extremely slippery conditions. It was Kagayama that took the hole-shot from the restart but Brit Chris Walker stormed through the pack on his PSG-1 Kawasaki to take the lead from the Japanese rider.
He looked like he might even make up enough time to take an overall lead in the aggregate times but he pushed that little bit too hard and became one of the many highside casualties of the Hay Shed corner.
This left the way for Corser and Kagayama to battle it out for the win in the second heat. Kagayama made it through and took the chequered flag but it was Corser who took the win on aggregate.
Huge amounts of praise for Klaffi Honda rider Max Neukirchner – in only his second round at World Superbike level, he is already sitting fifth in the championship after fourth and third place finishes at Philip Island.
James Toseland had another poor outing on the Xerox Ducati finishing 14th in the first race and crashed out of the second. His team-mate Regis Laconi managed little better, taking seventh in the first race and remounting after an impressive crash to finish ninth in the second.
You can read a full analysis of all the action at Phillip Island in MCN, out Wednesday April 6. Official results for the second heat of Race two have yet to be published. We’ll bring you an update as soon as they become available.

See pages 2 and 3 for WSB and WSS results

Superbike Race 1 Positions:

T. Corser,

Y. Kagayama, 8.279

C. Vermeulen, 12.551

M. Neukirchner, 12.761

A. Pitt, 13.204

N. Abe, 15.116

R. Laconi, 17.195

K. Muggeridge, 33.821

C. Walker, 34.01

G. Bussei, 42.594

S. Gimbert, 42.851

M. Sanchini, 44.556

I. Clementi, 44.804

J. Toseland, 1:01.011

A. Stroud, 1:32.156

M. Praia, 1 Lap

B. Bostrom, 1 Lap

S. Martin, 8 Laps

M. Borciani, 9 Laps

N. Haga, 11 Laps

L. Alfonsi, 12 Laps

A. Corradi, 14 Laps

G. Vizziello, 17 Laps

G. Mccoy, 18 Laps

L. Pedercini, 18 Laps

F. Nieto, 19 Laps

J. Cardoso, 22 Laps

L. Lanzi, Disqualified for breaking weight regulations

Superbike Race 2 Positions:

T. Corser,

Y. Kagayama, 5.822

M. Neukirchner, 10.897

C. Vermeulen, 18.757

F. Nieto, 53.089

A. Corradi, 54.127

R. Laconi, 58.076

N. Abe, 1:03.328

G. Bussei, 1:04.355

M. Sanchini, 1:08.754

B. Bostrom, 1:14.447

A. Stroud, 1:16.710

L. Lanzi, 1:20.004

M. Praia, 2:44.473

L. Alfonsi, 6 Laps

C. Walker, 7 Laps

S. Martin, 8 Laps

N. Haga, 9 Laps

A. Pitt, 10 Laps

G. Mccoy, 10 Laps

M. Borciani, 11 Laps

S. Gimbert, 13 Laps

J. Cardoso, 15 Laps

J. Toseland, 17 Laps

K. Muggeridge, 17 Laps

I. Clementi, 21 Laps

G. Vizziello, 21 Laps

L. Pedercini, 21 Laps

Supersport Positions:

S. Charpentier,

K. Curtain, 3.595

F. Foret, 9.641

K. Fujiwara, 9.664

J. Vd Goorbergh, 29.602

J. Stigefelt, 34.168

B. Parkes, 42.695

S. Chambon, 46.36

T. Lauslehto, 48.976

C. Cogan, 56.859

J. Fores, 1:20.356

D. Garcia, 1:20.461

T. Miksovsky, 1:28.701

P. Szkopek, 1 Lap

M. Fabrizio, 3 Laps

A. Antonello, 15 Laps

M. Baiocco, 16 Laps

A. Berta, 20 Laps

G. Nannelli, 21 Laps

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