Corser wins close Race 1

Published: 05 August 2005

Troy Corser has just managed to hold on to first place to take the win in the first race at Brands Hatch world superbikes.

The Australian rider started on pole and took the holeshot but Yamaha rider Noriyuki Haga was on his tail throughout the whole race.

The pair swapped positions countless times throughout the race and the final result was open right to the last lap where Corser managed to make his final move stick and held it to the line.

Regis Laconi took thrid place after spending most of the race trying to hold on to the back of the front two but not quite manageing to get close enough to do anything.

Chris Walker looked set to take fourth place but after several laps of close battles he finally lost out to Honda rider Chris Vermeulen and had to settle for fifth.

We’re bringing you live updates throughout the second race as well so click refresh on your browser every minute or so after 3:15pm to get the latest from the track.

See the updates below to get a blow by blow account of the race.

Latest news:

Final positions: Corser, Haga, Laconi, Vermeulen, Walker, Muggeridge, Pitt, Lanzi, Kagayama Neukirchner, Abe, Bostrom, Hobbs, Riba, Martin, Gimbert, Vizziello, Alfonsi, Clementi, Cardoso. DNF: Bussei, Nieto, Chili, Praia, Toseland, Nickmans, Velini, McCoy, Borciani.

Corser holds first to take the win and become joint second most winning rider in WSB behind Carl Fogarty and alongside Colin Edwards

Haga has a big moment but keeps on Corsers back

Last lap Corser has made the break and is holding first

Corser goes through at Clearways on lap 24 to take the lead

Vermeulen comes through againa dn makes it stick, Walker now in fifth

Lap 23 Vermeulen comes through but runs wide and Walker takes it back.

Lap 22 and Haga still has the lead, Vermeulen almost touched the back of Walker and looses a lot of time having to avoid him

Verneulen comes through but Walker takes it back then they go side by side through paddock

Vermeulen on the back of Walker, Haga now back in the lead

Laconi just off the back of the leading two but Walker now 3 seconds behind Laconi

Lap 18 and Corser and Haga are swapping positon corner by corner

Haga takes back the lead on lap 17 by blocking Corser going in to Paddock

Walker pulls away from Muggerdidge but is dropping off the back of Laconi

Chili retires on lap 15

Lap 14 positions: Coser Haga Laconi Walker Muggeridge Vermeulen Pitt Lanzi Kagayama

Walker goes through at the end of lap 13

Walker is milimeters off Muggeridge's back wheel pushing to get past for fourth

Corser and Haga start to stretch lead over Laconi on lap 12

Lap 9 positions: Coser Haga Laconi Muggeridge Walker Vermeulen Pitt Lanzi Kagayama Neukirchner Abe Martin Hobbs Riba Gimbert Bostrom Nieto Chili

Toseland puts his hand up and is touring round the track with a problem

Haga goes through to first at Paddock on lap 8, Walker back on to Muggeridge

Walker makes a mistake and is thrown out of the saddle dropping off the back of Muggeridge, still only 1 second down

Walker is on the back of Muggeridge and looking to get past

Laconi pushes Muggeridge out wide to take third

Haga retakes the lead

Brit wildcard Dennis Hobbs is in 11th

Toseland takes fastest lap, Haga takes the lead but runs wide and lets Corser back through

Walker takes Toseland for 5th

Corser takes back the lead while Regis Laconi tries to hunt down the front three

Haga takes the lead from Corser

Haga takes second from Muggeridge, Toseland and Walker clash it out

Lap 1: Corser Muggeridge Haga Laconi Walker Toseland Vermeulen Pitt

Toseland and Walker touched at Paddock Bend but they're still on

And they're off, with Corser taking the holeshot

Just waiting for the lights

The riders are off on the final warmup lap

Engines are on and the grid is clearing

The five minute horn has sounded

The bikes are lining up on the grid.