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Yukio Kagayama and Troy Corser have proved that the Suzuki GSX-R1000 is going to be a force to be reckoned with this year after the two riders topped the final practice session before Superpole.

Kagayama looked like he would take the top spot in the session but Corser came in with a last minute blast and took the fastest lap.

Both Kagayama and Corser will now have to go head-to-head with the other top 16 riders in the Superpole session at 1pm today to decided the order of the grid.

Check back here at 1pm for live updates form the session and read the updates below for a blow-by-blow account of the final practice session.

Practice session updates:

12:46pm: The session has now ended and Kagayama got the fastest lap of the session.

12:43pm: Chili moves up to sixth

12:39pm: Laconi sets a personal best and comes within 0.1 of a second from Kagayama

12:38pm: after a brief pit stop Kagayama is back out for the final five minutes of the session

12:33pm: Kagayama sets new fastest lap for the session at 2:01.713, still 0.6 seconds off Corser’s qualifying lap

12:26pm: Cardoso moves up to second fastest.

Top ten: Kagayama: Cardoso, Corser, Laconi, Silva, Lanzi, Vermeulen, Gimbert, Chili, Abe

12:23pm: Top ten: Kagayama, corser, Laconi, Cardosa, Silva, Vermeulen, Gimbert, Chili, Pitt, Walker

12:22pm: Corser moves up to second fastest 0.2 of a second off Kagayama

12:18pm: Top ten riders in the pits. 25 minutes remaining. Kagayama still fastest

12:15pm: Walker moves up to eighth and Vermeulen fifth

12:12pm: Kagayama takes the top spot away from Laconi with a 2:02.009 lap off Corser’s best qualifying lap.

12:12pm: Top ten: Laconi, Kagayama, cardosa, Corser, Gimbert, Pitt, silva, Martin, Clementi, Haga

12:10pm: Kagayama moves up to second fastest

12:09pm: Gimbert moves up to third pushing Cardosa down to fourth

12:05pm: Martin goes up to fifth

12:04pm: Laconi is consistantly lapping within one tenth of his best time and is regularly faster in the first half of the lap, but slows in the second.

12:02pm: Top ten: Laconi, Corser, Cardosa, Kagayama, Haga, Gimbert, Vermeulen, Pitt, Abe, Martin

11:59am: Laconi goes top with a 2:02.359 lap. He is the only Ducati in the top 20

11:58am: Top three hold there positions with Corser leading Cardosa and Laconi

11:56am: Top sixteen riders that qualified for Superpole are:

Corser T., 2:01.244, Cardoso J., 2:01.388, Laconi R., 2:01.980, Gimbert S., 2:02.217, Neukirchner M., 2:02.236, Kagayama Y., 2:02.284, Vermeulen C., 2:02.469, Chili P., 2:02.507, Haga N., 2:02.687, Toseland J., 2:02.754, Silva I., 2:02.759, Pitt A., 2:02.769, Abe N., 2:02.868. Walker C., 2:02.921, Borciani M., 2:03.178, Bussei G., 2:03.268

11:54am: Lap times are almost on a par with Corser’s provisional pole setting time with Corser running 2:02.885

11:50am (UK Time): After three laps Corser is already on a hot pace. The mornings rain has now cleared

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